TDS-100M-M2 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Module Liquid Flow Meter DN50-700mm

TDS-100M-M2 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Module Liquid Flow Meter DN50-700mm

Model No.︰TDS-100M-M2

Brand Name︰GRAIGAR

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 190 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

TDS-100M low cost ultrasonic flow meter can work alone without a LCD and Keypad module, the module can be used alone as a flow meter. Users can even integrate a number of the modules into a multi-channel flow meter that can measures up to several dozen of different pipes or a flow meter that has higher accuracy by measures the same pipe with all the channels.

1:operating power:isolation 8-36VDC
2:current: 50mA(under the condition of connection without keyboard display and sound of buzzer)
3: signal output: one channel standard isolation RS485 output
                  One channel isolation 4-20mA or 0-20mA passive output.
                  Two channel OCT output(programmed between the pulse width(6-1000ms),default before leaving factory (200ms))
4: signal input: two channel three wire system PT100 platinum resistor input loop,to make heat meter has the function of displaying heat quantity.Three channel 4-20mA input optional,accuracy:0.1%,has the ability to input the signals of pressure, liquid level, temperature and so on.
5:display:2*10backlit LCD,displaying instant flow rate,velocity,positive,negative,net totaliser flow rate.
6:operating: 4 keypad tactile keyboard operating
7:other functions: automatic memory the positive,negative,net totaliser or flow rate and heat quantity of the last 512 days,128 months,10years
Automatic memory the time of power turning on and off and flow rate of the last 30 times, realize to compensate by hand or automatically read the datas through Modbus communication protocol.
8:protection level:IP57
9:transducer:clamp-on type,insertion type ,in line type.



Standard S2 type

Standard M2 type

Standard L2 type



Suitable pipe diameter






Fluid temperature






Outer size













Standard Packing:

1 x TDS-100M Ultrasonic Flow meter

Standard M2 transducer             1 pair

2 x 5M Connection Cable

1 x Empty plastic bottle (for loading gel)

2 x Clamp Fixture

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Payment Terms︰ Paypal/Credit Card/TT

Packing︰ Carton

Lead Time︰ Within 3 working days after paying.

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