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Product Catalog 


ZA-3501 Portable Dew Point Meter

Model No.︰ZA-3501
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 950 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

ZA-3501 Portable Dew Point Meter

Brief introduction
ZA-3501 Portable Dew Point Meter takes high-performance microprocessor as core, takes 320×240TFT color touch display screen as interface, meanwhile, it merges multiple functions of real-time measurement, curve display, power supply management, time system, file system, data inquiry and network communication into an organic whole, domestic and foreign advanced sensor technology and information technology are integrated, with the humanized operation and perfect functions, you can feel its superiority and perfectness in an all-round way!
ZA-3501 Portable Dew Point Meter can be used for detecting non-corrosive gas, such as H2, SF6 and N2, etc., and the entire instrument is flexible to facilitate carrying.
Main features
l High-performance dew point transmitter
l Self-calibrating of zero point and slope at starting up (patent technology)
l Calibration of dew point by single-point method for full-scale range (patent technology)
l Sensor drying protection device (patent technology)
l Operation and control by color touch screen and real-time curve display
l Measurement data storage system
l Intelligent prompting of electricity quantity, intelligent charging protection
l Lithium battery power supply super-long standby
Technical parameters


Measurement of dew point
-80…+20℃, when the dew point temperature is lower than 0℃, the output of sensor is frost point
Typical precision
superior than ±1℃
Response time (Td)
When the gas temperature is 20℃
-60→-20℃ 5s (63%), 10s (90%)
-20→-60℃ 45s (63%), 10min (90%)
Operation environment
Relative humidity
1 barometric pressure
Parameter of complete appliance
Working flow
no influence
Power supply
built-in lithium battery (8000mAh), AC/DC
Charging time
over 6 hours (with intelligent charging protection)
Using time
>10 hours
Digital output
RS232 USB interface
24 characters/row, stylus printer
about 3.5kg
Payment Terms︰TT/LC/WU/PAYPAL
Product Image

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