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Product Catalog 


Smartgen HGM410CAN Genset Controller

Model No.︰HGM410CAN
Brand Name︰Smartgen
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 120 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Smartgen HGM410CAN Genset Controller


HGM400CAN series genset controller, integrate digitization, intelligentization and network technology which are used for genset automation and monitor control system of single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measuring and remote communication; SG485 must be fitted). It fits with LCD display, optional Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian display interface with easy and reliable operation.

HGM400CAN series genset controllers adopt micro-processing technology with precision parameters measuring, fixed value adjustment, timing and threshold setting and etc. All the parameters can be adjusted from front panel or through programmable interface (USB to LINK, can use SG72 adaptor) via PC. It can be widely used in all types of generator automatic control system for compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability.


HGM400CAN series controller has two types:
HGM410CAN: ASM(Automatic Start Module), it controls generator to start/stop by remote start signal;
HGM420CAN:AMF(Auto Mians Failure), updates based on HGM410CAN, moreover, has mains electric quantity monitoring, mains/generator automatic transfer control function, especially for automatic system composed by generator and mains.

  1. 132x64 LCD with backlight, selectable language interface (Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian), push-button operation;
  2. Suitable for 3 phase 4 wire, single phase 2 wire, 3 phase 3 wire and 2 phase 3 wire systems with voltage(120/240V) and frequency 50/60Hz;
  3. Collects and showa 3-phase voltage,current,power parameter and frequency of generator or mains;
  4. For mains: controller has over/under voltage, loss of phase detection functions; For generator: controller has over/under voltage, over/under frequency and over current detection functions;
  5. Precision collect and display parameters about Engine;
  6. Control & Protection: automatic start/stop of genset, ATS(Auto Transfer Switch) control with perfect fault indication and protection function;
  7. Equipped with CANBUS port and can communicate with J1939 genset. Not only can you monitoring frequency-used data(such as water temperature, oil pressure, speed, fuel consumption and so on) of ECU machine, but also control starting up, shutdown, raising speed and speed droop via CANBUS port;
  8. With ETS(Energize To Stop), idle control, pre-heat control, speed raise control and speed droop control function; All outputs are relay-out;
  9. Parameters setting:paramters can be modified and cannot be lost even in case of power outage. all the contrl parameters can be adjusted from the front panel, or by PC via an SG72 adaptor;
  10. Multiplex input port 3 and 4 can be used in various fields: input 3 can be used as auxilary input port or fuel level sensor while input 4 can be used as auxiliary input port or configurable sensor;
  11. More kinds of curves of temperature,oil pressure, fuel level can be used directly and user can define the sensor curves by themselves.
  12. Configurable sensor: can be set as temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor or fuel level sensor, enable the detection of double temperature, double oil-pressure and double fuel level.
  13. Multiple crank disconnect conditions(magnetic pickup, oil pressure, generator frequency) are optional.
  14. Widely Power supply range:DC(8~35), suitable to different start battery voltage environment;
  15. All parameters use digital modulation, abandoning analog modulation of conventional potentiometer, more reliability and stability;
  16. Modular design, self-extinguished ABS plastic enclosure, pluggable connection terminals, embedded mounting, compact structure, easy installation.




Working Voltage

DC8. 0V to 35. 0V, Continuous Power Supply.

Overall Consumption

<3W(Standby mode: ≤2W)

AC voltage Input:

3 Phase 4 Wire

2 Phase 3 Wire

Single phase 2 Wire

3 Phase 3 Wire

AC15V - AC360V (ph-N) 

AC15V - AC360V (ph-N) 

AC15V - AC360V (ph-N)

AC30V - AC620V (ph-ph)

Alternator Frequency

50Hz/60 Hz  

Speed Sensor Voltage

1.0V to 24V (RMS)

Speed Sensor Frequency

10,000 Hz (max)   

Start Relay Output

5A DC28V power supply

Auxiliary Relay Output 1

5A DC28V power supply  

Auxiliary Relay Output 2

5A DC28V power supply

Auxiliary Relay Output 3

5A DC28V power supply  

Auxiliary Relay Output 4

5A  AC250V voltage-free output 

Auxiliary Relay Output 5

5A  AC250V voltage-free output

Overall Dimensions

130mm x 112mm x 39mm

Panel Cutout

110mm x 90mm

CT Secondary Current

5A (rated)

Working Condition

Temperature: (-25~70)ºC;  

Humidity: (20~93)%RH

Storage Condition

Temperature: (-25~70)ºC

Protection Level

IP55 Gasket

Insulation Intensity

Apply AC2.2kV voltage between high voltage terminal and low voltage terminal;

The leakage current is not more than 3mA within 1min.




Price Terms︰FOB Shenzhen
Payment Terms︰TT/LC/Western Union/Paypal
Lead Time︰3 days
Product Image

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